Science and Math Homework Links

General Science

  • How Stuff Works Everything from diets to carburetors to computers.
  • Exploratorium Dozens of online exhibits and experiments you can do at home, from the Exploratorium Museum in San Francisco.
  • Extreme Science What is the most ferocious creature in the world? The coldest place on the planet? Find your extreme facts here.

Life Sciences

Physical Sciences

  • Web Elements Physical properties, electronic configuration, and other easy-to-access information about the elements.
  • Chemical Elements Another site with information on the elements (atomic number, mass, structure, color, etc.)
  • Chemfinder Offers basic properties of different chemicals and links to specialized databases.
  • Volcanoes of the World Facts about and maps of major volcanoes, from the USGS/Cascades Volcano Observatory in Vancouver, Washington.
  • Windows on the Universe Comprehensive astronomy site from the University of Michigan. Click on “The Universe” for information on the constellations.

History of Technology

Science Fair/Experiments