Films About the Revolutionary War

American Experience. John & Abigail Adams [videorecording] / written and produced by Elizabeth Deane; directed by Peter Jones; WGBH Educational Foundation; PBS.  PBS Home Video: Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, c2006. 

Benjamin Franklin [videorecording] / a production of Twin Cities Public Television. PBS Home Video; Hollywood, Calif: Distributed by Paramount Home Entertainment, c2006. Traces Franklin's life from humble beginnings to fame as a scientist, founding father, and America's first diplomat to France.

Drums along the Mohawk [videorecording] / directed by John Ford. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, c2007. The Martins endure the hazards of pioneer life in the Mohawk Valley as the Revolutionary War intensifies and cling tenaciously to the land for which they have fought.

Founding Brothers [videorecording] / produced by MPH Entertainment Inc. The History Channel, c2002. Begins with a look at two of the many crises faced by George Washington during his term as America's first president. Explores the ideological conflict that existed between Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton and highlights Washington's farewell address. Portrays the bitterly contested presidential election of 1796 and the difficult administration of John Adams. Concludes with the poignant tale of the reconciliation between Adams and Jefferson, and the story of the famous duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr.

For Love of Liberty [videorecording]: the story of America's black patriots. Melee Entertainment Home Video: Vivendi Entertainment, 2009. Gain an unprecedented look at the experiences and accomplishments of African Americans in the military, and learn why such a group of heroic men and women would fight for the freedom of others that they themselves weren't able to enjoy. Hosted by Halle Berry with an introduction by Colin Powell, and features the voices of Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Danny Glover, John Travolta, and many more.  

George Washington [videorecording]. PBS Home Video, 2011. George Washington, was a social climber, land-hungry Virginia surveyor, and military officer who often blamed others for his own errors. He gradually built a reputation as a gentleman by educating himself in the classics and sciences, entering politics, and marrying one of the wealthiest women in Virginia. The battle of Trenton changed everything with a victory both for America and Washington himself. His skill and bravery transformed Washington into the very symbol of the Revolutionary War.

Liberty! the American Revolution [videorecording] / a production of Twin Cities Public Television, Inc. in association with Middlemarch Films, Inc. PBS Home Video; Hollywood, Calif.: Paramount Home Entertainment, c2004. An  exuberant documentary about the American Revolution and our fight for freedom. It chronicles the events leading up to the declaration of war and the lasting effects these events had on shaping our country today. 

The Revolution [videorecording] / Resolution Productions; The History Channel; directed by Peter Schnall, Gregory Henry, David Shadrack Smith. A & E Television Networks: Distributed by New Video, c2006. A 13-part series showcasing the personal stories behind America's fight for independence. 

Thomas Jefferson [videorecording] / a film by Ken Burns; a production of Florentine Films and WETA; producers, Ken Burns and Camilla Rockwell.  PBS Video, 1997, c1996. 

Valley Forge [videorecording] / History. A&E Television Networks: Distributed by New Video, 2008.  During the winter of 1777-1778, George Washington chose the site of Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, as the place to remake the bedraggled and struggling Continental Army into a fighting force that would eventually win the Revolutionary War. Follow the footstep of these brave soldiers. Explore the past with the men and women who are dedicated to preserving the site. Get a close up look at the excavations and building preservations.  

You are There. The American Revolution and George Washington [videorecording]. CBS News; Chatsworth, CA: Woodhaven Entertainment, 2004. Originally aired on television as CBS TV series. Hosted by Walter Cronkite.  


Johnny Tremain [videorecording] / Walt Disney presents; screenplay by Tom Blackburn; directed by Robert Stevenson. Walt Disney Home Entertainment; Burbank, CA : Distributed by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, [2005].  

 The Patriot [videorecording]. Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment, c2002. A hero of the French and Indian conflict renounced fighting forever to raise his family in peace. However, when British troops arrive at his South Carolina home and endanger his family, he takes up arms alongside his idealistic patriot son. 

The Crossing [videorecording] / Arts & Entertainment Network; Chris/Rose Productions; Columbia TriStar Television; producer, David Coatsworth; director, Robert Harmon. A&E Home Video; [New York]: New Video, 2002. It is Dec. 17, 1776. Hounded by superior British forces, his army decimated by disease, desertion and lack of funds, General George Washington faces the unthinkable: he is losing the war for American Independence. A week later, on Christmas Eve, Washington will make one of the most courageous decisions in military history. Staking everything on a risky surprise attack against a garrison of battle-hardened Hessian mercenaries, Washington sets out across the ice-choked Delaware River.

April Morning [videorecording] / directed by Delbert Mann; a production of the Samuel Goldwyn Company and Robert Halmi, Inc.  Metro Goldwyn Mayer; Beverly Hills, CA: Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, c2011.

John Adams [videorecording] / HBO Films presents a Playtone production; produced by David Coatsworth, Steven Shareshian; directed by Tom Hooper. HBO Video, 2008. 

Revolution: Revisited [videorecording] Warner Home Video, 2009. A rough-hewn trapper is drawn into the conflict in this compelling adventure framed by the violent summer of 1776 and the bloody victory of Yorktown in 1781.