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How To Download eBooks & eAudio

  • General OverviewHandout on downloading eBooks.
  • Device Specific InstructionsOverDrive Media Help Pages. We recommend typing your device (e.g. "Nook") and "ebook" or "audiobook" in the search box to find device-specific instructions.
  • Video tutorials that demonstrate the step-by-step process for library patrons.

Minuteman Privacy Policy

Kindle library books require an account with Amazon.com as well as a Minuteman account. Once you leave the Minuteman site and go to the Amazon site, your privacy (i.e. your check-out data) is no longer protected. For more information read the Minuteman Privacy Policy, in particular the section titled "Electronic Content Access".

You may also want to refer to the Electronic Frontier Foundation's E-Reader Privacy Chart for more information.


Titles Exclusive to Belmont Residents: OverDrive Advantage Program

To keep up with the exploding demand for downloadable eBooks and audiobooks, the Belmont Public Library has started a collection of sought-after titles that is available only to Belmont residents. Read more about this program, called OverDrive Advantage.


If you have any questions about how to download an eBook or eAudio to your device, please contact the Reference Desk at 617-993-2870.