Author: Neil Gaiman
Reviewer's Age: 15

This book, much like many others of the same genre, follows a young man on his (literal) quest for a falling star in a rather misguided attempt to win the graces of a girl he fancies. The star, in this case, though, is hardly a hunk of molten rock. Instead, she's a living, breathing, somewhat human being who has no desire to be dragged into the realm of humans and presented as a gift. What follows is a fairly interesting, if a tad predictable tale which involves mysterious people, seven brothers trying to murder each other over a throne and crown, and other assorted persons and hijinks without which fantasy would just not be the same. Overall, the book is engaging enough to keep you amused, and the characters are, for the most part, realistic and likable, but it doesn't hold a candle to Gaiman's other work, such as the (in)famous Sandman graphic novel series. I'd give this book (and here I am blatantly ripping off the rating system) three stars out of five, for a story worth reading, if not brilliant.