Snow Crash

Second Place Winner, 2000 Teen Read Week Book Review Contest

Author: Neal Stephenson
Reviewer's Grade: 8

This book envisions a not-so-distant future where everything, from government to organized crime to pizza delivery has been made into franchises. In this overcommercialized world, the author follows the adventures of one Hiro Protagonist (get the pun?), a hacker, pizza delivery man, and sword fighter. A new...something has been released, and no one can tell whether it's a drug, a virus, or a computer virus. The tale of how he gets to the bottom of this mystery is a fascinating traverse through religion, archaeology, science, and cyberspace, not to mention secret societies and drugs. I found the story fascinating, and couldn't put it down! The plot is incredibly intricate and convoluted, but is presented in a way such that everything ends up making sense.