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Now You See Me

Author: Tina Wainscott
Reviewer's Age: Grade 12

Did you ever get that feeling? You know. The hair on the back of your neck stands straight up as if electrified by some unknown force of nature. You know the running a hundred yard dash. You know that feeling. You know. So does Tina Wainscott, author of Now You See Me. Tina Wainscott's Now You See Me is based on one woman's, Olivia Howes, belief that she is psychically connected to a recently kidnapped girl. Once kidnapped herself, Olivia believes that she wasn't only left blind, but also with a gift. A gift of being able to see through the kidnapped children's eyes. Now trying to help find this little girl, Olivia finds herself the top suspect. After all, wouldn't you be suspicious of someone who frantically tried to tell you about a kidnapping that was taking place seconds before it happened? Or if someone knew exactly where to reach for you when they can't even see. Detectives Callahan and O'Reilly were more than suspicious, but could they be wasting their time on the wrong person? Locked in a cage with only a few days to live, a little girl's life is on the line and a kidnapper on the loose. Is Olivia really an accomplice to this little girl's kidnapping or is she really able to see through the little girl's eyes? Is Olivia even blind or is that just an act? Are the police wasting their time on the wrong person? Could there be someone out there watching, watching every move that's being made, watching the wrong person being accused of this crime? Would you like to know the answers to these questions? Then I suggest you read this great, fast paced psychological thriller. You will be second guessing yourself through out the whole book. After all, a kidnapper could still be out there, waiting. Waiting and watching for just the right moment to claim another innocent victim. You want to turn the page yet you are terrified to find out. You know the feeling? You know.