Full Metal Alchemist Volume

Hiroma Arakawa

This is the ninth book in the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series. In this book, Edward and Alphonse Elric are travelling back to their hotel after a run-in with the Homunculi. Winry, their childhood friend, and Ling, accompany them. When they reach their hotel, they take some time off while Falman, a military officer, has to take care of a psychopath murderer name Barry, whose soul is stuck in a suit of armor like Al's is. While at the hotel, Ed sees a newspaper. On the front page is a headline about how Maria Ross has been convicted of murdering Maes Hughes. Since both of them are Ed and Al's friends, they don't believe it and leave the hotel to see if it's true. Eventually, after finding what looks like Ross's charred body, Ed goes back to the hotel with Al, confused and angry. Armstrong, another member of the military, finds him and brings him to Resembool while some Homuculi attack the place where Falman and Barry are staying while Ling joins them.