Brian's Winter

Author: Gary Paulsen
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

What would you do if you were stranded in the middle of the woods with no idea what to do? Brian's Winter is a fantastic book that tells about the conflict between man and nature. In this story a thirteen-year old boy faces many struggles with animals as well as getting food, water and shelter. For example: it's about two in the morning and you hear a growl followed by the heavy stomping of feet. Suddenly an entire wall of your shelter falls over. You see a huge black bear towering over you. What would you do? This is just one of the conflicts Brian faces. This book makes you feel like you're in the story as Brian. You can hear all his thoughts and see all his action. The author also tells you all his feelings and detail about the surroundings. Brian's Winter is one of the best books I ever read.