River Thunder

Author: Will Hobbs
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

In the novel River Thunder, Will Hobbs writes about what people take for granted in nature, by describing how the main character Jessie overcomes her conflict with Troy to successfully run the Colorado River. Overall, by connecting with nature and overcoming human conflict, Jessie is able to row her group well and defeat the hardest rapids on the Colorado. Jessie becomes very determined to "win" against the Colorado River early in the novel, and her focus becomes better than ever. For the most part, Jessie's focus is unbroken on the Grand Canyon. I believe this connection with nature is stronger than anything a human can process alone. The novel was realistic, though, in that Jessie's concentration was interrupted by human conflict at various parts in River Thunder. Will Hobb's message about life makes River Thunder a strong novel: better things than our daily lives lie in nature.