Author: Clive Cussler
Reviewer's Age: Grade 12

I'd rate this book an overall 9.5. If you like reading books about characters like James Bond, then you'll love this book. It starts out fast, with action on the second page. Once you get into it, you won't put it down. At least I couldn't. Dragon is about a man named Dirk Pitt and his friend, Al Giordino. The book starts in 1945. Two US B-29 bombers take off headed for Japan. Each plane has an atomic bomb on board. As we know only one gets through to drop the bomb. Then in 1993 in the Pacific, a Japanese cargo ship going to the US suddenly vaporizes, taking with it a Norwegian ship. The Japanese have developed a weapon that can destroy the western power. Dirk Pitt is forced to battle samurai and killer robots designed by the technologically advanced Japanese. If you like action thrillers, than this is a great summer read for you. (542 pages)

Note: Clive Cussler wrote a number of other books including Shock Wave, Inca Gold, Sahara, Treasure, Cyclops, Deep Six, Raise the Titanic, Iceberg, The Mediterranean Caper, Flood Tide, Atlantis Found, and Fire Ice, his newest book.