Author: Tom Bodett
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

Have you read a good book lately that keeps you up all night? Williwaw, written by Tom Bodett, is a real page-turner. It makes you feel like one of the realistic characters, September, a thirteen-year-old responsible girl, or her twelve-year-old brother, Ivan who's addicted to video games. The two children are home alone in the Alaskan wilderness while their father is away. They are continuously faced with the choice of following their father, or taking things into their own hands. They get into a jam that gets worse as they try to get out of it. They end up breaking all the rules their father gives them in the process. It's an unusual problem, yet realistic that includes nature. Now there's an excuse. If you want a book that keeps you on the edge of your seat, this is the book for you!