Author: Joan Bauer
Reviewer's Age: Grade 7

Would you like to go on a thrilling adventure? One not only that takes you through the Adirondack Mountains, but also through your own mind? Then read Backwater, by Joan Bauer. Backwater has important themes such as individuality and strong family bonds. The author also made beautifully crafted characters ranging from Ivy, a shy, passive, easy to tolerate teenager; to Mountain Mama, a loud, humorous mountain guide. As well as unique characters, Joan Buaer has a rich, detailed writing style. A passage from the book reads: "The wind crashed through the trees surrounding the cabin, causing them to crack and bend with the wind. It rattled the windows, seemed to throb through the log walls. I went back to bed, curled in the covers, listening to the huge, moving trees as snow pounded the mountain." Take the Backwater adventure and then suggest that others "check it out" too!