Picture Books: When a Pet Dies

Cochran, Bill. The Forever Dog
Mike and his dog Corky plan to be best friends forever, so when Corky becomes sick and dies, Mike is angry about the broken promise.

Demas, Corinne. Saying Goodbye to Lulu J PIC DEM
When her dog Lulu dies, a girl grieves but then continues with her life. A new puppy helps Lulu feel better at the end of the book.

DiSalvo-Ryan, DyAnne. A Dog Like Jack J PIC DIS
After a long life of chasing squirrels, licking ice cream cones, and loving his adoptive family, an old dog comes to the end of his days.

Huneck, Stephen. Sally Goes to Heaven J PIC HUN
A beloved dog dies and goes to heaven where she lives happily and helps to find her family on earth a new pet. See also Dog Heaven and Cat Heaven by Cynthia Rylant and described below.

Loewen, Nancy. Good-bye, Jeepers : What to Expect When Your Pet Dies J 155.9 LOE
Helps children understand the range of emotions they might feel when their pet dies and encourages them to talk about their feelings to help them heal.

Newman, Leslea The Best Cat in the World J PIC NEW
Victor is saddened by the death of his pet cat Charlie but agrees to give a new—and very different—cat, Shelley, a chance.

Rogers, Fred. When a Pet Dies J 115.937 ROG and J PB PIC R
Explores the feelings of sadness and loneliness a child may feel when a pet dies.

Rylant, Cynthia. Cat Heaven J PIC RYL
God created Cat Heaven, with fields of sweet grass where cats can play, kitty-toys for them to enjoy, and angels to rub their noses and ears.

Rylant, Cynthia. Dog Heaven J PIC RYL
God created Dog Heaven, a place where dogs can eat ice cream biscuits, sleep on fluffy clouds, and run through unending fields.

Viorst, Judith. The Tenth Good Thing About Barney J PIC SMALL VIO and J PB PIC V
In an attempt to overcome his grief, a boy tries to think of the ten best things about his dead cat.

Walsh, Barbara. Sammy in the Sky J PIC WAL
A little girl tells about her special pet, Sammy, "the best hound dog in the whole world," and how, after he becomes sick and dies, she comes to know the truth of her mother's words, that Sammy's spirit is everywhere.