Picture Books: Wordless Books

Aruego, Jose. The Last Laugh J PIC ARU SMALL
A clever duck outwits a bullying snake.

Baker, Jeannie. Mirror J PIC BAK
A typical day in the life of a boy in Australia is matched to that of a boy in Morocco.

Bang, Molly. The Grey Lady and the Strawberry Snatcher* J PIC BAN Caldecott
An old woman is pursued by a strange man with a passion for strawberries.

Banyai, Istvan. Zoom
J PIC BAN (also Re-Zoom and The Other Side)
This book presents a series of scenes, each one from farther away, showing, for example, a girl playing with toys which is actually a picture on a magazine cover, which is part of a sign on a bus, and so on.

Becker, Aaron. Journey* J PIC BEC (also Quest)
Using a red marker, a young girl draws a door on her bedroom wall and through it enters another world where she experiences many adventures, including being captured by an evil emperor.

Colón, Raúl. Draw! J PIC COL
A boy who is confined to his room fills his sketch pad with lions and elephants, then imagines himself on a safari.

Crews, Donald. Truck* J PIC CRE CALDECOTT and J PB PIC C
Follow the big red truck on its cross-country journey in Donald Crew's classic book, from loading to unloading.

Day, Alexandra. Carl's Birthday J PIC DAY (and other Carl titles)
Carl the rottweiler and the toddler in his care watch the preparation for Carl's surprise birthday party.

Frazee, Marla. The Farmer and the Clown J PIC FRA
A farmer rescues a baby clown who's bounced off the circus train, and reunites him with his clown family.

Geisert, Arthur. Lights Out J PIC GEI and many others
Told by his parents that his light must be out at eight o'clock, a young piglet who is afraid of the dark devises an ingenious solution to the problem.

Hutchins, Pat. Changes, Changes J PIC HUT
Two wooden dolls have exciting adventures with building blocks.

Idle, Molly. Flora and the Flamingo* J PIC IDL (also Flora and the Penguin)
A friendship develops between a girl named Flora and a graceful flamingo, as they learn to dance together.

Jenkins, Steve. Looking Down J PIC JEN
A series of views of one landscape is seen from progressively lower vantage points, beginning in outer space and ending with a view of a ladybug as seen by a kneeling child.

Lee, Suzy. Wave J PIC LEE (and Mirror Mirror)
A little girl experiences her first ocean wave, moving from fear, to bravado, to wonder.

Lehman, Barbara. The Red Book*. J PIC LEH (and Museum Trip and Rainstorm and Trainstop and The Secret Box)
Tells the complex story of a reader who gets lost, literally, in a little book that has the magic to move her to another place.

Mayer, Mercer. A Boy, A Dog and a Frog (also other Frog books) J PIC SMALL MAY
Shows a boy's unsuccessful attempts to catch a frog.

McDonnell, Patrick. South J PIC SMALL MCD
Mooch the cat helps a small bird find his flock after they have flown south without him.

Nolan, Dennis. Sea of Dreams
Once the sun sets, the inhabitants of a sand castle have a fantastical adventure.

Pinkney, Jerry. The Lion & the Mouse
Aesop's fable is told only through detailed watercolors and a few sound effects, in this Caldecott winner.

Raschka, Chris. A Ball for Daisy
Daisy the dog is devastated when her favorite toy is punctured. Will life ever be good again?

Rohmann, Eric. Time Flies* J PIC ROH
A bird has a strange museum adventure when the dinosaurs in the exhibit come to life.

Savage, Stephen. Where's Walrus? J PIC SAV
On the run from the zoo, Walrus tries hard to blend in all over town.

Sis, Peter. Dinosaur! J PIC SIS (also other books by Sis)
While taking a bath, a young boy is joined by all sorts of dinosaurs.

Staake, Bob. Bluebird J PIC STA
In this poignant story of connection, loss, and ultimately hope, a boy and a bird develop a special bond of friendship.

Thomson, Bill. Chalk J PIC THO
At the park, three children draw chalk pictures that come to life.

Turkle, Brinton. Deep in the Forest J PIC TUR
A curious bear explores a cabin in the forest with disastrous results.

Varon, Sara. Robot Dreams J FIC VAR GRAPHIC see also Chicken and Cat J PIC VAR
The enduring friendship between a dog and a robot is portrayed in this wordless graphic novel.

Ward, Lynd. The Silver Pony J FIC WAR
Recounts the adventures of a boy and his winged horse.

Weitzman, Jacqueline Preiss. You Can't Take a Balloon Into the Metropolitan Museum J PIC WEI and J PB PIC W (and other titles)
In this wordless story, a young girl and her grandmother view works inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art, while the balloon she has been forced to leave outside floats around New York City causing a series of mishaps that mirror scenes in the museum's artworks.

Wiesner, David. Free Fall* J PIC WIE, J PIC WIE CALDECOTT (also and Tuesday* J PIC WIE CALDECOTT, Sector 7* J PIC WIE, Flotsam* J PIC WIE CALDECOTT)
A young boy dreams of daring adventures in the company of imaginary creatures inspired by the things surrounding his bed.

Wilson, April. April Wilson's Magpie Magic J PIC WIL
A young artist draws a picture of a magpie which comes to life and interacts with a series of colorful drawings.

Yum, Hyewon. Last Night J PIC SMALL YUM
After being sent to her room for not eating her dinner, a young girl and her stuffed bear have a forest adventure.

* Caldecott Medal or Honor Books