Picture Books: Dinosaurs

The following list includes picture books and early readers about dinosaurs. In addition, other books about dinosaurs can be found in the NON-FICTION SECTION under the call number 567.9.

Barner, Bob. Dinosaur Bones J PIC BAR
With a lively rhyming text and vibrant paper collage illustrations, author-artist Bob Barner shakes the dust off the dinosaur bones found in museums and reminds us that they once belonged to living, breathing creatures.

Barton, Byron. Bones, Bones, Dinosaur Bones
A cast of characters looks for, finds, and assembles some dinosaur bones.

Blackstone, Stella. I Dreamt I Was a Dinosaur and J BOARD BOOK BLA
A child dreams of being one dinosaur among many. Includes notes on dinosaur species mentioned in the rhyming text.

Broach, Elise. When Dinosaurs Came with Everything J PIC BRO
Although his mother is a little worried, a young boy is delighted to discover that every shop in town is giving away real dinosaurs to their customers.

Cyrus, Kurt. Tadpole Rex J PIC CYR
A tiny primordial tadpole grows into a frog, feeling just as strong and powerful as the huge tyrannosaurus rex that stomps through the mud.

DePaola, Tomie. Little Grunt and the Big Egg J PIC DEP and J CD DEP
When a dinosaur hatches from the egg that Little Grunt brought home for dinner, Mama and Papa Grunt let him keep it as a pet until it grows too big for their cave.

Gall, Chris. Dinotrux J PIC GAL and J PB PIC G
Millions of years ago, the prehistoric ancestors of today's trucks, such as garbageadon, dozeratops, and craneosaurus, roamed the Earth until they rusted out and became extinct.

Halpern, Shari. Dinosaur Parade J PIC HAL
Illustrations and simple, rhyming text present a wide variety of dinosaurs. Includes "dinosaur factoids".

Hines, Anna Grossnickle. I Am a Tyrannosaurus J PIC HIN
A boy mimics the actions of several different dinosaurs as he imagines he is one of them.

Hoff, Syd. Danny and the Dinosaur J EASY HOF and J PB EASY H (and other Danny books)
A little boy is surprised and pleased when one of the dinosaurs from the museum agrees to play with him.

Howe, James. Brontorina J PIC HOW
Despite her size and not having the proper footwear, a determined dinosaur pursues her dream of becoming a ballerina.

Huante, Brenda. Creature Count: A Prehistoric Rhyme J PIC HUA
Rhyming text in the pattern of "Over in the meadow" introduces dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures and their mothers, from one trumpeting woolly mammoth to ten hatching maiasaurs. Includes a timeline and facts about the animals in the rhyme.

Idle, Molly. Tea Rex J PIC IDL
Cordelia and her brother host a tea party for an unusual guest--a T-Rex!

McClements, George. Ridin' Dinos with Buck Bronco J PIC MCC
Buck Bronco teaches how to care for and ride a variety of strange dinosaurs.

McMullan, Kate and Jim. I'm Bad! J PIC MCM
A hungry Tyrannosaurus rex searches for food in the prehistoric forest but is thwarted in its attempts to find something to eat. See also I'm Big ! (J PIC MCM)

Middleton, Julie. Are the Dinosaurs Dead, Dad? J PIC MID
Touring the museum's dinosaur exhibit, Dave's father remains oblivious as the prehistoric animals spring to life.

Milbourne, Anna. The Dinosaur J PIC MIL
A young boy, visiting a museum, imagines a real world of dinosaurs and resigns himself to a world with dinosaur fossils.

Mitton, Tony. Dinosaurumpus J PIC MIT
A rhyming tale of Triceratops, Brontosaurus, and even Tyrannosaurus gathering at the swamp to dance.

Munro, Roxie. Inside-Outside Dinosaurs J PIC MUN
Showcases eight dinosaurs from the inside and out.

Myers, Tim. Down at the Dino Wash Deluxe J PIC MYE
Dinosaurs from a finicky stegosaurus and a knobby old ankylosaur to the frightening tyrannosaurus rex get washed and shined at the Dino Wash Deluxe. Includes section with facts about the dinosaurs mentioned in the story.

Plourde, Lynn. Dino Pets J PIC PLO
A child brings home various dinosaurs from the pet store, but discovers that neither the biggest nor the smallest, the softest nor the scariest, makes an ideal pet. Includes facts about dinosaurs. See also Dino Pets Go to School (J PIC PLO).

Wheeler, Lisa. Dino-Hockey
J PIC WHE (and other Dino Sports books)
The meat-eating dinosaurs challenge the plant-eating dinosaurs to a hockey match.

Willems, Mo. Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct J PIC WIL
Edwina plays with kids, she bakes delicious chocolate chip cookies and helps old ladies cross the street. She is well-loved by everyone except Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie, who is determined to convince everyone, including Edwina, that dinosaurs are extinct. Also see Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs (J PIC WIL).

Yolen, Jane. How Do Dinosaurs Say Good Night?
J PIC YOL (and other How Do Dinosaurs books)
Mother and child ponder the different ways a dinosaur can say goodnight, from slamming his tail and pouting to giving a big hug and kiss.


Aliki. Digging Up Dinosaurs J Easy A
Briefly introduces various types of dinosaurs, explaining how scientists find, preserve, and reassemble the giant dinosaur skeletons seen in museums.

Aliki. Dinosaur Bones
J Easy A
Discusses how scientists, studying fossil remains, provide information on how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago.

Halls, Kelly Milner. Dinosaur Parade: A Spectacle of Prehistoric Proportions J 567.9 HAL
More than 60 dinosaurs parade through this book, along with facts about the dinosaurs' size, era, and discovery.

Roderick, Stacey. Dinosaurs from Head to Tail J 567.9 ROD
"What dinosaur had a head like this?" "What dinosaur had wings like this?" This book introduces eight dinosaurs by their most distinctive body parts and provides some basic information for each of them.

Taplin, Sam. First Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life J 567.9 TAP
Presents facts about dinosaurs, their origin, their diversity, and their final extinction, with Internet links for further information.

Wallace, Karen. I am an Ankylosaurus J 567.91 WAL
A mother ankylosaurus lays her eggs and must protect them from fierce predators.

World of Dinosaurs J 567.9 WOR
Introduction to dinosaurs using simple text, question and answer format, illustrations and photos. Features include puzzles and games, fun facts, resource list, and index.

CRAFT BOOKS for dinosaur fans:

Manning, Mick. Dinomania J 745.5 MAN

Ross, Kathy. Crafts for Kids Who Are Wild About Dinosaurs J 745.5 ROS