Chapter Books: If you Like The Magic Tree House series

Series books

Abbott, Tony. Secrets of Droon Jpb Easy A
When Neal and Julie agree to help Eric clean up his basement, they never imagine what their in for. As the three kids follow a soccer ball into the small room under the basement stairs, the floor suddenly evaporates to reveal a rainbow staircase to another world!

Brown, Jeff. Flat Stanley Jpb Easy B and J FIC BRO
He's a perfectly normal boy until one morning he wakes up flat. After his parents peel the bulletin board off of him, Stanley must adjust to life as a pancake.  Soon he's enjoying the advantages of being flat.

Dadey, Debbie. Bailey School Kids Jpb Easy D
There are some pretty weird grown-ups in Bailey City including elves, martians, robots and mermaids.  It’s up to the Bailey School Kids to figure out what’s going on.

Gannet, Ruth. My Father’s Dragon JPB G and J FIC GAN
Read all about the adventures of Elmer Elevator and Boris, the baby flying dragon.

Greenburg, Dan. The Zack Files Jpb EASY G
Zack Greenburg seems to be a magnet for the paranormal. Luckily, he always keeps his wits about him and is able to figure his way out of all kinds of some rather silly situations.

Gutman, Dan. Baseball Card Adventures J FIC GUT and Jpb G
Joe Stoshack is a mostly normal kid, except that he has the ability to travel back in time to meet the players on the baseball cards that he touches!

McMullan, Kate. Dragon Slayers’ Academy Jpb Easy M
When a traveling minstrel foretells that he is to become a hero, Wiglaf sets out to fulfill his destiny: he signs up at the Dragon Slayers' Academy. But how can he ever hope to be a dragon slayer when he can't even stand the sight of blood?

Peterson, John. The Littles Jpb Easy P
Only a few inches tall, the members of the Little family encounter a myriad of dangers, especially when the house cat comes their way.

Scieszka, Jon. Time Warp Trio J FIC SCI
A book from his magician uncle transports Joe and his friends, Fred and Sam, back in time to different adventures filled with excitement and danger at every turn.

Individual Titles

Alexander, Lloyd. Time Cat Jpb A
Jason and his magic cat Gareth travel through time to visit countries all over the world during different periods of history.

Bauer, Marion Dane. Touch the Moon J FIC BAU
When the china horse Jennifer receives for her birthday is magically transformed into a real horse, they share an evening of fantastic adventure.  

Brittain, Bill. Mystery of the Several Sevens J FIC BRI
Mr. Merlin, a wizard disguised as a teacher, magically transports two fifth graders to a fairyland where they must solve a riddle to find out who has stolen the seven dwarfs' bag of diamonds. 

Eager, Edward. Knight’s Castle and The Time Garden J FIC EAG
Four cousins, Roger, Ann, Eliza, and Jack, have two extraordinary summers, with magic propelling them on a series of adventures back and forth through time.

Winthrop, Elizabeth. Castle in the Attic and The Battle for the Castle J FIC WIN and Jpb W
A gift of a toy castle, complete with silver knight, leads to magical adventures and personal quests.