Picture Books: New Baby

Picture Books

Bunting, Eve. Will It Be a Baby Brother? J PIC BUN
A little boy thinks he can be happy with a new baby only if it's a brother--until he meets his sister.

Civardi, Anne. The New Baby J PIC CIV and J PB PIC C
Lucy and Tom get ready for the arrival of their new baby sister.

Cole, Joanna. I'm a Big Sister J PIC SMALL COL and I'm a Big Brother J PIC SMALL COL
A sister enumerates the joys of welcoming a new baby to the family, and the advantages of already being "big."

Falwell, Cathryn. We Have a Baby J PIC FAL
The arrival of a new baby is cause for celebration, presenting opportunities to love, watch, touch, and care for the new family member.

Holt, Kimberly Willis. Waiting for Gregory J PIC HOL
Despite the confusing answers her relatives give about when her new cousin will arrive, Iris is very excited about the baby and all the things they will be able to do together.

Landolf, Diane Wright. What a Good Big Brother J PIC LAN
Cameron learns a lot from helping his parents when his baby sister cries, and one day he is the only one who can comfort her.

MacLachlan, Patricia. You Were the First J PIC MAC
Reminds firstborn children that they will always special--even if another child or children follow--because they have been the first to do many things, including teaching their mother and father to be parents.

McQuinn, Anna. Lola Reads to Leo J PIC MCQ
Lola reads story books to her new baby brother Leo, and even though Mommy and Daddy are busy, they still have time to read to Lola at bedtime.

Reiser, Lynn. My Baby and Me J PIC REI
Photographs and simple text portray interactions between babies and their toddler siblings.

Rockwell, Lizzy. Hello Baby! J PB PIC R
A young boy describes how a new baby is growing inside his mommy, and tells what it is like when his new sister comes home from the hospital.

Schaefer, Lola. One Special Day J PIC SCH
An energetic and imaginative boy becomes a big brother.

Witek, Jo. Hello in There!: A Big Sister's Book of Waiting J PIC WIT
A comforting and imaginative book for every sibling-to-be.

Ziefert, Harriet. Waiting For Baby J PIC ZIE
Max's mommy is going to have a baby. Although Max talks to his mohter's tummy and even sings to it, nothing seems to make the baby get here faster.


Cocovini, Abby. What's Inside Your Tummy Mommy? J PARENTS' CORNER 612.6 COC
Uses life-size illustrations to show the growth and development of a baby inside the womb from the first month until birth.

Danzig, Dianne. Babies Don't Eat Pizza: The Big Kids' Book About Baby Brothers and Baby Sisters J PARENTS' CORNER 649 DAN
A colorful and informative guide to new babies for their older siblings.

Heiligman, Deborah. Babies J 612.6 HEI
Describes how babies look and act and how they change as they grow.

Murkoff, Heidi. What to Expect When the New Baby Comes Home J PARENTS' CORNER 305.232
From one of the authors of the popular "What to Expect" series for adults, this book answers children's questions about what new babies look like, what they do and don't do, and what having one around the house will really be like.

Rogers, Fred. The New Baby J PB PIC R and J PARENTS' CORNER 306.8 ROG
Explains the needs of toddlers faced with a new baby in the family, and some of the changes and disruptions the baby can cause in the life of the older brother or sister.

Sibling Rivalry

Ashman, Linda. When I Was King J PIC ASH
A young boy describes how he is no longer "king" now that there is a new baby in the house, but then his family helps him enjoy the change.

Henkes, Kevin. Julius, the Baby of the World J PIC HEN and J PB PIC H
Lily is convinced that the arrival of her new baby brother is the worst thing that has happened in their house until Cousin Garland comes to visit.

Hoban, Russell. A Baby Sister for Frances J PB PIC H and J PB PIC H
When things change around the house after her baby sister is born, Frances decides to run away – but not too far.

Holabird, Katharine. Angelina's Baby Sister J PIC HOL
Angelina's excitement over the arrival of a new baby turns to jealousy when her little sister becomes the center of attention.

Jenkins, Emily. That New Animal J PIC JEN
The lives of two dogs change after a new animal, a baby, comes to their house.

Keats, Ezra Jack. Peter's Chair J PIC KEA and J PB PIC K
When Peter discovers his blue furniture is being painted pink for a new baby sister, he rescues the last unpainted piece, a chair, and runs away -- but not for long.

Weeks, Sarah. Sophie Peterman Tells the Truth J PIC WEE
A disgruntled big sister reveals unpleasant facts about babies.