Phillis Wheatley and Slavery in Boston

wheatley-statueAt the outbreak of the Revolutionary War, about one-fifth of the families in Boston were slave owners, including some of the most outspoken patriots. This irony was addressed by Phillis Wheatley, a Boston slave and one of the early republic’s most famous poets. Learn more about Wheatley’s remarkable life – and what she had to say about independence – at a talk at 7:30 PM Wednesday, April 23, by John Stauffer, Harvard Professor of English and American Studies and African American Studies.

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Book Discussion Guide

Is your book group reading Bunker Hill? Take a look at our list of discussion questions to help get our conversation going. Have questions of your own? Come ask the author himself when he speaks at the Beech Street Center at 7:30 PM Tuesday, May 6.

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Freedom Trail Walk Pictures

Bunker-Hill-Monument_smYou can see our photos from the walking tour on the library’s Flickr account.

We enjoyed perfect weather for the Freedom Trail walk and Bunker Hill tour; and the day was a great success, thanks to our guide and National Park Ranger Vincent Kordack!  Many thanks to all to those who participated; and, if you took any photos, feel free to share them with us @belmontlibma or #obob2014 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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